Grow your mailing list by Justin Jackson

Grow your mailing list

Learn how to get more subscribers in under 45 mins

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In this course, you'll learn

  • the big mistake most people make when it comes to subscription forms
  • how to give subscribers what they really want
  • how to create a compelling lead magnet
  • a hack for getting around image blocking

What's included?

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Discover what subscribers want
Find out what subscribers want
12 mins
Research manual
348 KB
10.8 KB
Create a subscription incentive
Attract more subscribers with a better incentive
9 mins
Five creative lead magnets
1.19 MB
Tools + Resources
Writing welcome emails
Write better welcome emails
5 mins
Sample email - Adam Wathan.pdf
113 KB
Sample email - Alexandra Franzen.pdf
203 KB
Sample email - Indie.pdf
393 KB
Sample email - Ninja Writers.pdf
113 KB
Sample email - Refactoring UI.pdf
289 KB
Sample email - Recomfy.pdf
131 KB
Email hack: what to do about blocked images
Email hack – what to do when images are blocked
11 mins
735 KB
Code samples + Resources

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My name is Justin - I’ve been a marketing and growth consultant for SaaS companies since 2008. It’s my passion to help people DIY their success.