Creative marketing ideas by Justin Jackson

Creative marketing ideas

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The key to good marketing is stand out. You can't just imitate the same tired tactics everyone else is using. This course has a bunch of creative ideas for you.

What's included?

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Start a branded podcast
Podcast foundations
8 mins
160 KB
Tools + Resources
Producing and promoting a podcast
8 mins
219 KB
Do a t-shirt giveaway
How to make t-shirts for your company
8 mins
1.97 MB
Tools + Resources
Make your own stickers
How to create your own stickers
6 mins
168 KB
Tools + Resources
Increase sales with case studies
Case studies- a powerful marketing tool.mp4
8 mins
776 KB
Resources + Samples
Connect with influencers
How to reach out to influencers (bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers)
13 mins
2.03 MB
Do a website brainstorm
Website brainstorm
7 mins

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My name is Justin - I’ve been a marketing and growth consultant for SaaS companies since 2008. It’s my passion to help people DIY their success.