Build Better Landing Pages by Justin Jackson

Build Better Landing Pages

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You'll learn:
  • The basics of landing page design
  • The elements that make a landing page successful.
  • Copywriting tips for headlines, CTAs, and
  • How to drive traffic to your landing page

You'll get:
  • A landing page checklist
  • Sample landing page template
  • 6 PDF guides
  • 18 short, actionable videos

★★★★★ "This is just what I needed. I'm a developer, and I have an idea I think would be interesting to make. This course helped me create my first landing page. Highly recommended."

What's included?

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The 3 ingredients you'll need to succeed
6 mins
Get the basics right first
47.4 KB
Case study: getting more traffic for a Dungeons & Dragons site
15 mins
Step by step tutorial
3 mins
Step 1: Write initial headline
4 mins
Step 2: Quick research tips
3 mins
Step 3: Refine your headline
2 mins
Step 4: What's the one action you want them to take?
3 mins
Step 5: Add a visual
3 mins
Step 6: Dig into the pain!
3 mins
Step 7: Describe your solution
3 mins
Step 8: Why should they trust you?
5 mins
Step 9: Share a case study
2 mins
Step 10: Describe your features
2 mins
Step 11: The conclusion
3 mins
Landing Page Checklist.pdf
73.6 KB
1.08 MB
Tools + Resources
Write better landing page content
Landing page copywriting
10 mins
The Better Landing Pages manual
90.8 KB
Landing page notepad example #1
9.42 KB
Landing page notepad example #2
11.2 KB
Tools + Resources
Drive traffic to your landing page
Get more traffic for your landing page.mp4
9 mins
73.1 KB
29.5 KB
Case study: Getting traffic from blogs, Quora, app stores, and influencers
9 mins
266 KB
Bonus: Build your own HTML landing page
Build a landing page for free on GitHub Pages.mp4
14 mins
3.33 MB
Tools + Resources

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My name is Justin - I’ve been a marketing and growth consultant for SaaS companies since 2008. It’s my passion to help people DIY their success.